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My Story

Aboutpage_PhotoStruggle then emerge…

My name is Kyle Harkes and I grew up in a small rural community with a lot of farming families, a lot of church families from various Christian denominations and that was about it. While I could appreciate them, I didn’t necessarily fit in very well. I’ve always thought a bit different and as a result I’ve always been told that I am a weird person. I’ve heard it more times than I can count from teachers to peers.  The people in this community for the most part, did not understand me.

I guess I just didn’t fit into their concept of how people were.

As a young artist in this  small town, I struggled because I didn’t fully understand why people treated me the way they did. I’ve come to see it as a positive aspect of my life and I’ve since learned the importance of viewing life from different perspectives. At this point in my life I seek to understand people of all walks as I feel that is the best route to take based on my experiences.

Learning to interpret others has helped me greatly in life and I feel it makes me a better designer as I listen to my client’s needs in order to achieve their goals. Everyone has a story to tell and I’m here to help my clients tell theirs.


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