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Business Progress: Where I am at with funding and planning

My business venture has made some progress!

So I seem to be making progress in this small business I’ve been building in the past months. My next course of action is funding. In the months since I’ve started my small business I have learned a number of things about startup businesses and the planning involved.
Last Wednesday, I had a meeting at the Small Business Center of London and it was very informative. I now have a rough idea of when I’m going to be able to get additional funding for my new business. Turns out it is closer to March based on the program that they recommended to me. It’s  a little slower and a little faster than the two possibilities I had in my mind. I had originally thought that it would take much longer and as time went on I started to assume that it would be almost instantaneous. Clearly I was wrong on both of those counts.
At the moment I’m running on an almost zero budget, so I’ve changed my plan to account for the time frame I’m looking at. I’ve moved ahead some of my projects including my commission based work. I would like to start building my income so that I can invest more into my business. I don’t want to put myself in the Poorhouse just to get this business off the ground if I can avoid it.
That being said I had no idea there were so many funding opportunities for small business owners and startups. There really doesn’t seem to be a better time to start a small business if you have the ideas and the means to do so. Although I am just starting out and have come a long way, I still have a lot to learn. I’m so excited for these opportunities and I can’t wait to get the funding I need to really get this business going in the direction that I’d like to take it in. Until then I’m going to continue my commission work and building other forms of passive income to keep myself going.

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