The Shower Thoughts Series: My First Comic Attempt | Harkes Creative

The Shower Thoughts Series: My First Comic Attempt | Harkes Creative

I never thought Shower Thoughts would be a comic title

Between June 5th and July 24th 2015, I created a short series of comics for the newspaper I worked at. I was given the task of creating a comic that could be completed quickly each week so I created Shower Thoughts. The idea was to illustrate a comic with various characters and elements that could be easily swapped out while also telling a bit of a story.

The first character we see is the main character of the series and his name is Isaac. Visually, I based him off Tien Shinhan from the  Dragonball series. He’s a pensive person who has a lot of time to think about life and he tends to look at things in different ways. I took his thoughts as well  as the name of the series from Reddit in a sub-thread called Shower thoughts.

The only other recurring character we see is Jason who appears for the first time in the second comic. He is Isaac’s best friend and the one to which Isaac voices most of his thoughts. He is a patient person but doesn’t always understand Isaac’s thought process.

Unfortunately, it was not well-met in St. Marys and did not run long enough to develop much of a story or even name the characters. The series was cancelled by my boss but I learned to manage my time well and turn an idea around very quickly.

At the time I didn’t take the town’s rejection well, but in time, I learned a lot about knowing one’s audience and the power of storytelling. I feel it failed on a creative level because I didn’t start with the character development soon enough. It was a harsh lesson for me to learn, but one I needed.

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