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Lessons I’ve learned since I started freelancing

Lessons in illustration I needed to learn. Lessons indeed.

There are no lessons in this image. He's just a cool image from a video game.
This Inktober image is for October 3, 2016.

Recently I started my own illustration, design and marketing business and I’ve learned a few lessons. Go figure. That makes it sound a lot more glamorous and complicated than it really is at the moment, but that first part is concerning as I have not drawn in any real capacity for several years.

I’ve learned a few lessons since I started drawing again and since I’ve started documenting my journey on this path, I’m sharing them with you.

I am out of practice: I haven’t drawn anywhere near as much as I should have in several years. This simply means I haven’t advanced my skills much since College. At first this concerned me because of the whole illustration company thing, but I’ve decided to ignore it and push on. I’m making an effort to draw everyday to catch myself up if I’m going to be a professional illustrator I need to be good and fast

Illustration is like riding a bike: I drew every day for so many years when I was younger. I remember spending entire days drawing on my grandmother’s floor and spending the better parts of my classes in primary and high school doodling in my books. Now it’s like second nature to me. It’s as if it were yesterday so I haven’t lost any of my former skill, I just haven’t  improved my craft much in the past few years.

I’m not drawing enough yet: Since I’ve realized that I haven’t improved much since school, I really need to increase the number of times I’m drawing in a day. It helps that it is October and that I am taking part in the Inktober challenge which is to draw at least one ink piece a day for the entire month. I’ve been doing really well with that and should be able to keep up the habit for the 30 days which will be more than enough time to build the habit for the rest of my life.

For now I will keep working on the commissions I have in my queue and continue to pump out art on the side. I’ve already felt a slight improvement since I started the Inktober challenge and I know as long as I am drawing and creating new things every day my skills will continue to improve with me.

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I'm a graphic Designer from London Ontario with a passion for bringing people's ideas to life. I've been an artist since I was a kid and now I create designs with an alternative look and a professional feel. Let me work with you and together, we'll create a design solution that best suits your company.

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