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Opinions – Stop giving me yours

Your opinions don’t matter

Everyone has opinions. Some of them are good, but most of them are terrible. Being a creative, I’ve been fed other people’s thoughts a lot. When I was younger people gave me all types of opinions on what I was doing and how I spent my time. Everyone seemed to have something to say about what I could do, what I could say or how I should have conduct myself.

Now when I say ‘gave’ what I really mean is ‘vomited on.’ Needless to say, I got tired of that quickly.

Even now as a freelance designer I get it from people. Someone told me the other day I not to put an illustration on my business card.

Excuse me?

Graphic Designer, Layout Artist, ILLUSTRATOR. Now again, why would I not want to promote my profession with one of the most essential pieces of promotional material out there?

I’ve arrived at the conclusion that these people don’t know what the Hell they’re talking about. If you as a Plumber tell me not to have an illustrated character on my card I’m going to look at you and say ‘What do you know? You’re a Plumber.’ I’m not going to tell you not to put a toilet or a plunger on your card so why do you feel it necessary to tell me not to put something essential to my craft on mine?

This only happens because people look at every single thing on this planet through a lens of self-relevance. If it’s not relevant to them it isn’t important to others either. I will continue to deal with this because I understand. I get it. And since I get it I don’t really feel the need to fight it.

After all, it is my job to understand the market and those in it. If I didn’t I would be in an entirely different profession.

Do you have a problem with people giving you their uneducated opinion? Let me know if this happens to you, I would love to hear others’ stories.

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I'm a graphic Designer from London Ontario with a passion for bringing people's ideas to life. I've been an artist since I was a kid and now I create designs with an alternative look and a professional feel. Let me work with you and together, we'll create a design solution that best suits your company.

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