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Patience: Everything Great Takes Time

Nobody has any patience anymore

We live in a society that is at least a few steps ahead of itself most of the time. This reflects in a great number of behaviors one sees both online and in the real world. Nobody seems to have any patience anymore. This ‘Buy it Now’ mindset is a result of several generations of marketing and the creation of a false sense of urgency. It goes much deeper than that but for the sake of argument I’m simplifying it for now.

A year ago I might have blamed it on the youth of today. I hear the line a lot “Youth today have no patience.” I’ve read blogs where the idea was expressed; “nothing really good happens instantaneously” was “extremely difficult (for me) to understand.” The problem with blaming youth is that it’s not just a youth problem, in fact I think it might even stem from the older generations expectations of the way society has grown to work.

People grew up and grew old when the world started moving at a faster and faster pace and I think their expectations grew with it. Then they passed those expectations onto their kids and now a great number of people just think everything happens overnight.

This just isn’t true.

There are plenty of small things that can happen very quickly. I can pump out a decent drawing in under a half hour. What I can’t do is build a business in a few months. That is a much larger goal and something great that will take time.

Everything great takes time. Great things take years to build and that’s the lesson that many need to learn.
So get started. That idea you’ve had? Start today. If you start building now, then in a few years you’ll have something that was very worth the effort.


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