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Inktober: My Personal Goal of 30 Drawings this October

Inktober is New to Me, but I love the Idea!

Inktober. I had never heard of it before, but this year I stumbled upon a post from a friend on Instagram with the hashtags #inktober and #inktober2016. The image was a particularly wicked looking pumpkin drawn in ink and at that point I knew I would be joining in. So far, we’re only three days into October but I’m really excited to share my drawings with everyone.

I hope everyone enjoys their #Inktober and without further adieu, here are my illustrations! Look for daily updates as the month goes on!

Click the arrows below to see a brief description of each Inktober piece.

October 1st 2016

This is a character with a lean body, clawed hands and a pumpkin head appearing from a pool of black ink.

October 2nd 2016

This character is an eerie girl figure with black hair and an unnatural, toothy grin and wide, blank eyes.

October 3rd 2016

This character is the creepy, widely grinning moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

October 4th 2016

This is an image of three crows in various positions. I attempted to stick with a Halloween theme for most of it.

October 5th 2016

This is an image of a demonic skull with jagged teeth, horned cheek bones and an evil stare.

October 6th 2016

This is an image of a spoopy Kleenex ghost, a spider and a bat all hanging from the ceiling.

October 7th 2016

This is a high contrast image of a lovely young lady who's getting ready for Halloween.

October 8th 2016

This is an image of a cuddly teddy bear just in time for Halloween, just don't get too close.

October 9th 2016

This image is of the Boogie Man. Make sure to lock your windows at night or else he might get you.

October 10th 2016

This is an image of a Halloween Horn of Plenty. Thanksgiving is great, but Halloween is better!

October 11th 2016

This is an image of a Turkey who has gotten sick of Thanksgiving and is fighting back.

October 12th 2016

This is an image of a demonic Super Nintendo Entertainment System just in time for Halloween!

October 13th 2016

This is a simple dollar I've drawn and stylized ever so slightly. The Loon looks to be leased about it.

October 14th 2016

This is a detailed image of a Scarecrow hanging out in a field. He looks pretty happy.

October 15th 2016

This sexy Witch is ready for Halloween with her orb of flame and her black dress.

October 16th 2016

This is a drawing of a grinning pumpkin. He sure seems happy doesn't he?

October 17th 2016

This is an image of a grumpy little corn man I created back in high school.

October 18th 2016

This clown is a speed drawing on my YouTube channel.

October 19th 2016

This tombstone is a speed drawing on my YouTube channel.

October 20th 2016

This excited skeleton couldn't even stay at rest.

October 21st 2016

I've got a bone to pick with you! I even drew it to show you.

October 22nd 2016

This is a lazy drawing of a silly skull dancing the night away.

October 23rd 2016

This is the second grinning pumpkin. He sure seems more excited than the first.

October 24th 2016

This is a bizarre image of a spider web made for October 24th.

October 25th 2016

This is a lovely young woman who may or may not be getting ready for Halloween.

October 26th 2016

This is a silent graveyard with a restless fellow living under the tree.

October 27th 2016

Silly Symphony: The Skeleton Dance. I love this old animation so I made an Inktober drawing.

October 28th 2016

This is the Pokémon Koffing. I feel like he doesn't get enough love so I made him an Inktober entry.

October 29th 2016

Oogie Boogie from A Nightmare Before Christmas. I was practicing with watered down ink.

October 30th 2016

This little scene was inspired by artwork from The Nightmare Before Christmas. More practice with ink washes.

October 31st 2016

This is the final pumpkin but he's not grinning. He seems to be frustrated.

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